Double Glazed WindowsBefore we talk about this (very) viable option to save up on our monthly energy expenses, we should tell the layman what window double glazing actually is. As opposed to the standard single glazed window with only one glass pane, its double glazed counterpart has two, separated by a thin air blanket. This means that the window structure is actually sturdier and heavier than your standard window, because it consists of a layer of glass, a layer of air, and glass again.

With me so far? Okay. Now, why should I put my hard earned money into this, when I get by with my ‘normal’ window just fine?

The double glazed window has numerous advantages over the standard, single glazed window. The difference can all be attributed to the extra layer of air and glass, which makes it a very beneficial option for people across the world, especially those living in cold countries and climates.

  • The layer of air trapped between the sheets of glass acts as an insulator and helps keep warm air in. The loss of heat in the house, when compared to that of a single glazed window, is considerably less. Thus, it helps in keeping the temperature inside the house a few degrees higher than the outside. You can even keep the thermostat on a lower setting than usual if you want.
  • Additionally, the air also prevents moisture condensation on the inner layer of glass, which also contributes towards preventing cold.
  • It is also instrumental in keeping sound out and is often used in soundproofing houses and commercial areas, such as recording labs, studios, and so on.
  • The double glazed window is also harder to break because of the added protection. Thus, it helps in heightening security.

There was something about saving up on my energy bills. What was that?

Double Glazed Window StructureYes. Reconstructing your windows to add an extra layer of glass will help you save on your monthly energy bills. Not only is this set-up strong and efficient, but also it is more durable than the average window. By estimates, a double glazed window will stay functional for about twenty years, after which repairs or changes might be needed.

Additionally, depending on the type of window and glass you get, you may save varying amounts of money, ranging anywhere from $75 to $110.

I don’t have the money to double glaze. What else can I do?

Don’t worry, it’s not as expensive as you may think! If you cannot afford the cost of upgrading, you can also go for alternatives like secondary glazing. This constitutes installing a second pane of glass on the inside of your single glazed window. However, this method is not as effective as double glazing, and the costs are somewhat the same as the latter. But you are probably asking the question: where do I find double glazing in Perth? Just look up double glazing on the net and you will find this company and see how good they are.

If you still have doubts, you can contact your local contractor, and get an estimate of the costs. A little more effort will tell you what the most viable option for your home will be, which may include additional installations. You can also opt to have your home partially double glazed. This means that only some windows in the house will be upgraded and get a second layer of glass. It may not have a drastic effect on your monthly energy consumption but will certainly help in saving.