Turning to the Healthcare Industry for Recovery Support

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Many people turn to the healthcare industry for answers first, consulting with a doctor, nurse or friend with ties to the industry. Physicians are the most popular, with nurses and other healthcare workers a distant second.

Doctor and Patient

Here’s the problem – most doctors possess little to no training in the area of addiction. If you take nothing away from this article aside from this point, I’ll consider my writing a success. Even specialists like those practicing addiction medicine leave a lot to be desired. I know because I’ve personally seen these ‘experts.’

Now I’m not going to use my experience to apply blanket conclusions on the entire field of medicine. I know there are many worthy practitioners operating in our world today. But many lack the personal experience with addiction recovery necessary to extract the truth from patients, the truth that the patient is hopelessly addicted to a substance and needs help beyond what modern healthcare offers.

If the answers to my problems could be resolved in a medication, I would have been cured long ago. I finally came to a place where I knew modern medicine could not fix what was inside me.

That’s why, if you are seeking guidance with a substance abuse situation, I recommend turning to individuals living a sober life. Why turn to someone else? These people demonstrate through their day-to-day lives that living happily sober after addiction is possible. They speak the ‘lingo,’ which simply means they’re able to communicate with addicted persons in a way no one else can. And their lives align with what they say – that if a happy, drug-free life is available to me, it’s available to you too.

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