The internet is filled with lots of build threads featuring off-road vehicles, SUVs, trucks etc that boasts about winches, bumpers, suspension systems, and over-landing camping setups. Some of these threads are costly, and most average drivers are unable to afford them.

Buying all-terrain tires remains the best option anytime, any day. Here are some of the important factors which you need to consider before buying new tyres.


All-terrain tires have aggressive-looking, deep tread pattern. Thus, investing in all-terrain tires with deep treads will provide high return on investment. From experience and testimonies of users, these types of tires are durable, and can save you a lot of money with fewer replacements.


All-terrain tires have slick racing wheels with very minimal-profile tires. The sidewall is an aspect of the tire which is between the tread and wheel, and most it puts distance between wheel and rubber.

Off-road lovers are enthusiastic about sidewall, because the tires perform well dirt roads. Having more sidewall can be helpful, because they could give more cushions in other situations as well.


All-terrain tires are rated for certain conditions and speed, and they carry several rating depending on the firmness of the tire, and how it performs on both on and off roads. For better grip on the trail, some all-terrain lovers prefer a softer tire. They prefer sacrificing tire life on the asphalt and fuel efficiency.

 Conversely, it is good to remark that a firmer tire could be great for the road, but it doesn’t perform outstandingly in the mud and dirt. Take time to check out the online ratings of all-terrain tires, and then make up your mind when, and whether to buy or not.


All-terrain tire enthusiasts love specific features, and some of these provide a great balance between pavement and off-road performance. Take time to check out some of the brands available in online and offline stores, and then go for the one that suits your exact specifications and budget.


Every good thing deserves a price. If you are looking for a great all-terrain tire, then you should be able to pay the price, but this doesn’t mean that you will break a bank before you can buy it. If you are in need of new tyres and are in Cheltenham then I recommend you click here for new tyre specialists who will help you find a great fit at a good price. Before making the purchase, consider these other pricing factors: 

  • Does it have warranty?

Some all-terrain tires provide warranty to their tires up to a specific amount of miles. Often, they do this in addition to the warranty offered by the manufacturers. Some of these sellers offer patching and free replacements under certain conditions. So, a good warranty will go miles in justifying the cost.

  • Are there special discounts?
  • Buying during holidays or weekends can save you a lot of money.  So, check out companies that offer specials for their customers.


Using good all-terrain tires can transform your overall driving experience. They strike a balance between on-pavement stability and off-road traction, and they are highly versatile. They come with a tread design, and are moderately aggressive. You will be happy using them today and always!